DESelect Engage

Engage is a new platform built to help marketing teams solve saturation control, intelligently prioritize communications & optimize campaigns across teams. Learn how to use this platform.
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Increased engagement

By capping the number of messages sent to a specific contact, marketers ensure that their messages are being seen and engaged with by recipients, rather than being ignored or marked as spam.

Customer experience

Effective saturation control means marketing teams can avoid overwhelming audiences with too many emails and provide a higher quality customer experience and drive more revenue.


Engage helps marketers ensure their messages reach the intended recipients by reducing the number of spam complaints and improving email deliverability.

Governance compliance

When marketers use Engage to gain control over marketing saturation, they can ensure compliance with rules and regulations set by ESPs and laws such as CAN-SPAM.

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Meet the instructors

DESelect CS Team

DESelect's Customer Success (CS) Team is the driving force behind creating exciting and current content regarding all the products available in the DESelect Marketing Optimization Platform (MOP). Contact them at for any questions.